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Body Styling Fitness Training Receives
2018 Best of Berwyn Award

Turn back your biological clock and live with vitality and pleasure.
  • Mental and physical aging can be delayed
  • Learn how to be functionally younger next year
  • Personalized workout plans
  • Nutritional Education

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"I started working with James to get in shape before my son's wedding. I stayed because each session is fresh and targeted to my needs. His private studio and innovative methods make training with James the best fitness routine I've ever experienced, and I've tried quite a few!"—Leslie M.
"When I visited a retirement home and saw how many people were walking hunched over, I wanted to do something that would help me stay youthful, so at age 78 I began building up my muscles. That was three years ago, and I have learned a lot and progressed a lot. An added benefit is that James' focus on breathing has helped with my asthma. Now I'm feeling stronger and breathing better!"—Billy W.
"At my age, 59, I knew I had to add weight training to my exercise routine. I received several sessions with James as a Christmas gift from my wife, which led to a twice-a-week program I have followed for almost a year now. The results have been a significant increase in strength and stamina, which I don't think I could have achieved without James' guidance. His ability to vary the workouts and make them interesting and efficient has made me actually look forward to the burn."—Jeff Affiliated Site »