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Wendy Sedlak Fitness Trainer
Meet Wendy

Wendy Sedlak, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Meet Wendy Sedlak, our Certified Health and Wellness Coach (CHC) with 7 years of dedicated experience in guiding individuals toward vibrant health. Wendy holds certifications in personal training, group fitness, and health coaching, backed by her passion for helping people achieve their wellness and fitness goals. Her journey, enriched by a rich professional background across New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, spans over a decade of expertise.

Wendy’s commitment to well-being is deeply rooted in her lifelong fascination with fitness and health since her teenage years. Her personal journey into health coaching was inspired by a pivotal moment—when her youngest son faced health issues. Fueled by the need to rebuild his immune system, Wendy made substantial changes to their diet and lifestyle, embodying her dedication to walking the wellness walk. Beyond certifications and credentials, Wendy’s personable approach and firsthand experiences make her an invaluable guide on your path to health and fitness.

Wendy holds certifications from prestigious health and fitness organizations:
Beyond Basics

Wendy's Expertise in Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Strategies

Nutrition Guidance

Wendy can teach you sustainable, healthy nutritional changes, including:

  • How to overcome barriers
  • Eating hygiene
  • How to read labels
  • Meal prep strategies
  • Choosing healthy snacks
  • Gut healing strategies
  • Achieving and maintaining weight loss

Lifestyle Changes

Wendy provides insights into lifestyle changes, addressing:

  • Increase energy
  • Detoxifying your body and home
  • Promoting sleep hygiene
  • Stress management (mind/body strategies)

Specialized Strategies

With a focus on premenopausal and menopausal strategies, Wendy offers comprehensive guidance on:

  • Weight management
  • Combating adrenal fatigue
  • Gaining strength
  • Being here for you, so you know you’re not going through this alone
Wendy Sedlak Fitness Trainer
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Where every workout is a step towards vitality and joy beyond 50. Discover tailored programs, personalized training, and holistic wellness in the heart of Berwyn at James Webb Fitness.
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Helping You Navigate Wellness Beyond 50

Step into a realm where wellness is crafted with precision at James Webb Fitness. Specializing in personal fitness solutions for pain-free living, curating wellness journeys that redefine vibrant living beyond 50. With a commitment to personalized training, expert guidance, and proven results, we embark on a transformative path to strength, joy, and enduring vitality. Crafting wellness at every step, our facility is a sanctuary where individualized care meets the unique needs of those navigating the golden years. Join us in the pursuit of wellness, where every journey is an exploration of vibrant living beyond 50.

Personal Fitness Plans

Customized fitness plans for personalized success.

Holistic Wellness Coaching

Comprehensive coaching for a well-rounded well-being.

Menopause Wellness Programs

Empowering menopause wellness for vibrant living experiences.

Certified Instructors Over 50

Experienced certified instructors, aged 50+, leading your journey.

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Anthony Fiore
Anthony Fiore
James is great!
elizabeth sands
elizabeth sands
I’ve been attending James Webb’s Fitness for over a year now and I’m hooked! I am 66 with no prior weight training experience and I’ve been delighted at how much stronger and more toned I have become. James is knowledgeable and professional and makes sure that I am not only stronger but that I am maintaining balance as I age. When I started, I was surprised at how much weaker my non-dominant side was so bringing my body into balance is key. James keeps it interesting and changes up the exercises and the muscle groups so that it all stays fresh. There are many advantages to having a private instructor. The goals are tailored to the individual but you also get explicit instructions so that it’s done correctly and without injury. As a senior, this is invaluable. James Webb is great! If I had one complaint it would be why did I wait so long! To see someone who has multiple certifications in a variety of areas of physical health is a huge benefit! James is a certified practitioner of IPT which is amazing. When I have had tightness in my neck, back or hip, James has been able to stretch those parts of my body and recovery has been almost instantaneous. I would highly recommend James Webb for IPT, as well.
Bob Marshall
Bob Marshall
I've been going to James Webb Fitness for over 16 years. I'm 77 years old, and feel 20 years younger. I attribute that to James and his trainers, and the routines and regimens he has designed for me. My goal is to live to be over 100; I have no reason to believe I won't achieve that thanks to James.
Robert Turner
Robert Turner
I've been going to James Webb Fitness for over 7 years. Each session with James is customized to my needs at the time. James focuses on core strengthening which allows for total fitness. I've also used James for pain management. After a few sessions with him, my lower back pain went away completely and has not returned. The fitness center is bright with state of the art equipment, which is kept in top form and update regularly. Treatment rooms are equally well done. I've worked with trainers for over 30 years and none approach James in terms of professionalism and understanding of total health. I highly recommend James as a fitness and total body health expert.